Monday, May 4, 2015

Pillow talk

Yes it has been a while, I'm fine thanks just busy sewing curtains for Africa.

Here the curtains for the bedroom can be seen as a backdrop to the "teardrop" chair - as the fabric I used to upholster them is officially known - but in our house better known by something slightly more vulgar, due to their more than passing resemblance to female genitalia.

 And here, as a little palate cleanser, some new cushion covers to dress the bed. The fabric for the front cushion and the back cushion was purchased from an op shop in Nelson for a few bucks. The cushion inners were rescued out of our neighbour's skip.  I could see why they threw them out - polyester fill breaks down over time causing the pillows to take on a dimpled effect reminiscent of cellulite. I'm guessing that when they looked at their couches they didn't want to be reminded of the fact, as indeed do none of us when it comes to contemplating anything dimpled.

To make the curtains, I used a method I found on you-tube. I am not a believer. They have you sew the curtains and lining together down the sides. I cannot even begin to tell you how many problems that has caused me. OK maybe I can. The lining is thermadrape and sticks to the feed dog or the foot and sometimes both - causing the lining to be gently - but unmistakably - gathered into the outer fabric. From there it pulls up against the outer fabric, causing it to jump at the corners.  Also, the thermadape is stiff and unwoven, the outer fabric is drapey and loosely woven and they drop at different rates, further causing the fabrics to be pulling against each other. There is a silent war going on below my window sill.

Lessons have been learned.


  1. Ahhh I do so love that "tear drop" (*chortle gasp fnur fnur*) fabric. Your retro fabric made up nicely on the cushions there too, I must say. I was thinking of doing something similar with the fabric I bought on the same day. I might have to resort to getting my cushion inners at the junk shop though. Either way, we're our father's daughters!

    1. Thanks Miss Smith - I haven't made up the green velvet yet but that too will be cushions for the "reading nook" - the inners I have already purchased from the op shop - a bargain at $5 each as they are feather and almost new from Citta design. I hope you are equally lucky with your search for quality second hand inners.

  2. Oh, and your curtains look BEAUTIFUL.

  3. Nice pillows and robots too, Mary Nanna.